Fairwood Featured Business: Plaza Cleaners and Alterations

Plaza Cleaners and AlterationsI frequently talk about my favorite neighborhood of Fairwood. I work here; I live here; I raise my kids here… It’s the people, and the neighborhoods, and the schools, and the easy proximity to everything we like to do, right? It’s also the local businesses that we know and love!

I thought I would take the coming year to appreciate OUT LOUD some of my favorite spots – those local businesses that really make a difference for my family. I will be posting a new business here every month, as a way of sharing the love about the places that provide great service and help make Fairwood the best place to live!

First, I would like to present Plaza Cleaners and Alterations.

Mike and I have used them for years because of the way they make us feel each and every time. The owner, Kay, calls us by name whenever she sees us come in! I am so impressed by what I have learned about their business that I want to share a little here:

The owners, Kay and Young Sim, have been in the business in Renton since 1984. They use “green drycleaning” practices, and have a 5-Star EnviroStar Certification (out of a possible 5 stars). Knowing that they run an environmentally conscious business makes such a big difference for me!

I encourage you to check out their website, and check out the BUSINESS! Please give them a try! Tell them that Rosie Rourke sent you and they will take off 10% just for using my name! (I love them!)

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