Tip for New Construction Visit

tipforconstructionAfter running into this challenging situation several times throughout my career, I thought you might benefit from this tip during your home search.

When you visit a new construction neighborhood, the site agent may ask you to sign a registration card. If you mark the box that you do not have an agent, the site agent will assume you will be using them to represent you.

In most cases, the site agent represents the seller.

Who represents you? That’s the rub!

Then I get the call from a buyer who wants me to represent them, but if the buyer already marked the box “no agent” then my fee to represent them gets discounted by the builder by a whopping 70%!

It is not fair that a buyer cannot freely choose who they want to represent them without ramifications.


When you visit new construction and are asked if you have an agent, say, “Yes…Rosie Rourke, John L. Scott, 206.719.5870.”

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