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Are We In Another Real Estate Bubble?

Hi everyone!!!

I’ve been hearing the same thing at a lot of my listing appointments from my clients, “Are we in another real estate bubble?” My buyers agents are hearing this too from people looking to purchase their first home or sell and buy a house, or second time buyers as we call them. I decided to roll up my sleeves and put my 20+ years of real estate knowledge to the test… I decided to write an article about it!

Here is the post card I just sent out to all my friends and clients:

To read my article check it out right here on my website, go to www.rosierourke.com/bubble


4 Responses to “Are We In Another Real Estate Bubble?”

  1. Reply Brent

    “Why It’s Different This Time”
    Where is the article? Your website /bubble has no connection to the article.

  2. Reply susan paruolo

    Looking for your bubble article, I found it, as your mailing said, at rosierourke.com/bubble. However, I wasn’t able to get to it directly from rosierourke.com via the list of links to your several articles. You might want to have someone look at that. Best wishes, as always.

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