real estate during COVID19


Spring is Here!

Everyone knows that Spring is the best time to list your home, right? It's a little bit different this year! We actually saw a surge of buying activity in the Winter, it was unprecedented!

Right now interest rates are still super low and there is a larger than normal pool of buyers looking for homes right now in the Spring market. The combination of buyers looking and a historically low number of homes on the market, supply and demand is dictating this market, even with all the COVID19 craziness! Click Here to learn more how COVID19 and the Stay Home, Stay Healthy order is affecting real estate!

What Buyers Need to Know

We offer both limited in-person home showings following a social distancing protocal in addition LIVE virtual walkthroughs, it's up to you and your comfort level! During the Stay Home agents are not allowed to hold open houses, the only way you can see a home is with a licensed real estate agent and you also need to be pre-approved by a mortgage lender. First and foremost you need to connect with one of our buyer's agents, start the home buying coversation with them here:

What Sellers Need to Know

We offer both limited in-person home valuations and LIVE virtual meetings, it's up to you and your comfort level! We are still listing homes and they are selling with an average time on the market of 7-14 days. People still need to buy and prices have not fallen due to the lack of inventory for sale. Learn more about our REAL home valuation process done by an actual human here: Learn more and connect with our selling agents here:

If you are considering selling, buying, or you just want to start a conversation with an amazing team of real estate experts, please reach out below! 

how to save money during COVID-19

We also compiled some great money saving tips during COVID-19 and the Stay Home Order! 

Learn more on our blog here:

Save Money During COVID-19